Medical Qi Gong Treatments

Treatments are available in Kitsilano. To book a treatment, please call 778-885-4526 or email

Qi Salon Founder, Caroline MacGillivray offering chair treatments at Beauty Night Society
Qi Salon Founder, Caroline MacGillivray offering chair treatments at Beauty Night Society

Health Session $125
90 minute treatment
Consultation and wellness assessment are included in your treatment.

Distance Healing $100

60 Minute Treatment
This can be done via skype or telephone.
You get to rest in the comfort of your home while we take care of you.
Stress Buster: Relaxation & Restorative Treatment
60 Minute Treatment $75
Come by and relax on the massage table. This soothing treatment will help balance your qi in your body, mind and spirit.

Immunity Booster $50

30 minute treatment

About Medical Qigong

Medical Qigong has been used in China very successfully to treat many conditions. Qi emission is used to send Qi energy into the body to charge up the immune system, helping the body restore health and vitality. A full treatment involves cleansing the body, restoring vital energy and balancing the systems. In China Qigong hospitals were created provide wonderful treatments with great results.
What to expect
The treatments are gentle yet powerful and are specifically tailored to what each individual body, mind and spirit needs. There is no need to undress, so soft, comfortable clothing is recommended. Your practitioner will be doing an intake, so please be ready to give them the important details of your health history. They may also want to feel your pulse and/or take a look at your tongue. You will be lying on a massage table for the session and should feel very comfortable throughout as the practitioner works with hands both on and off the body. Verbal dialogue is often an important aspect of the sessions as well.
Following the session they will be asking for feedback and then recommending some prescription homework qigong exercises tailored precisely to your needs so you can continue the healing journey after the session. It will be up to you if you would like to have one of the practitioners follow-up with you through sessions either in person or at a distance.



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