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Qi Day 2016

On Sunday, August 28th we are celebrating Vancouver’s First Qi Day! From 10 -4pm at the Jim Deva Plaza in Davie Village, we will be offering free  50 minute Qi Gong treatments and classes. If you have never experienced qi gong, this is a wonderful opportunity to try it.

Qi Gong is one of the 4 branches of Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, herbology, martial arts and qi gong). It is based on the belief system we have our physical, emotional and mental, and spiritual energy. If there is any stagnant qi in any of those wei chi fields, it can cause disease. For thousands of years, qi gong doctors would prescribe exercises to patients. 80% of the patients who completed the exercises, did not need to come back for another visit.


The Class Schedule is:

10am Jennifer Clarke

11am Minke De Vos

12pm Jacob Larmour

1pm Blanche Boyce

2pm Caroline MacGillivray (me)

3pm John Weiss

In addition to the qi gong classes, there will be qi gong healers there. The qi gong treatments will be 15 to 20 minutes long. There will also be group acupuncture too.

I’m looking forward to teaching and celebrating the healing power of qi gong. I hope to see you there.

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Community Qi Gong Clinic Raises Money for Beauty Night Society

Come Visit us at Vital Health Health Fair on Saturday June 28th! Medical Qi Gong practitioners Jacob Larmour and Caroline MacGillivray will be offering community qi gong treatments by donation (min $20 donation) from 1-5pm. 100% of the monies raised goes to support the work of Beauty Night SocietyIMG_0783

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Upcoming Free Medical Qi Gong Clinics in Vancouver, BC

Sat., June 7th: Therapist’s Clinic for Oncology
Sat. and Sun., May 31st and June 1: Practitioner General Clinic
Fri. through Sun., June 13 – 15: All levels General Clinic

Schedule your session:
Sessions are available at either 9:45 or 11:30 each day. There are a limited number of spaces available and our clinics do fill quickly. Please give us your preferred date and time, we will do our best to accommodate you. You are welcome to attend multiple clinics.
Which clinic is for me?

Therapist’s Oncology includes: Most forms of cancer, plus non-malignant tumors, growths and cysts.
Practitioner General includes: Anyone without a serious or life-threatening disorder
All levels General includes: Everyone welcome, any kind of non-contagious disease, disorder, complaint or syndrome.
Information: It is important that your health issues are related to the clinic topic. Please inform us about your condition so that your therapists will have the opportunity to prepare in advance for your session. Following the clinic our therapists will share some details of your session with the other students as part of the learning experience. Your name will not be used and all information is considered strictly confidential and will not go beyond the clinic student participants.
Timing: It is very important that you arrive on time so your session can begin in coordination with others in the room. If for any reason you have to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible because there will be one or two Therapists assigned and waiting to work specifically with you.
Please contact: Wendy Lang – for more information and to be scheduled into the clinic. You can also get more information by calling , 604-652-6427, or the person who informed you about the clinic. For the Practitioner Clinic please call contact Minke de Vos:
About Medical Qigong
Medical Qigong has been used in China very successfully to treat many conditions. Qi emission is used to send Qi energy into the body to charge up the immune system, helping the body restore health and vitality. A full treatment involves cleansing the body, restoring vital energy and balancing the systems. In China Qigong hospitals were created provide wonderful treatments with great results.
What to expect
You will be working with experienced Medical Qigong Practitioners, certified by the International Institute of Medical Qigong and the Henan University of China. The treatments are gentle yet powerful and are specifically tailored to what each individual body, mind and spirit needs. There is no need to undress, so soft, comfortable clothing is recommended. Your practitioner will be doing an intake, so please be ready to give them the important details of your health history. They may also want to feel your pulse and/or take a look at your tongue. You will be lying on a massage table for the session and should feel very comfortable throughout as the practitioner works with hands both on and off the body. Verbal dialogue is often an important aspect of the sessions as well.
Following the session they will be asking for feedback and then recommending some prescription homework qigong exercises tailored precisely to your needs so you can continue the healing journey after the session. It will be up to you if you would like to have one of the practitioners follow-up with you through sessions either in person or at a distance.
Thank you! It is an invaluable gift for the Medical Qigong Therapy students to get real life experience. We will are extremely grateful to have you volunteer as a participant in our clinic. We look forward to seeing you there!