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Yoga, Dance & Qigong Classes

Sometimes people ask me: “When do you teach?” When I answer in chronological fashion, I see their eyes cloud over. “Wow. You teach a lot,” they say. To make it simpler, I am listing my current and upcoming classes by class style, studio, dates, and times. Regardless of time of year, I hope you give yourself the gift of wellness. If I am lucky, I hope part of that gift includes coming to class. I would love to be one of your guides on your life long journey to wellness and fitness.

mermaid – aerial yoga at Tantra Fitness

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is a wonderful way to deepen your yoga practice. The hammock is 7 feet of fabric that stretches. Assistance from the hammock helps align the spin in inversions and builds core strength.  During certain shapes, the fabric helps deepen the stretch. In other poses, the fabric digs into your arm pits and hips. It may feel painful at first as it moves qi (life force) through your lymphatic system. I recommend wearing a long sleeve shirt and yoga pants for class to protect your skin.

Magician’s girl variation – aerial yoga at Tantra Fitness

I teach at 2 locations of Tantra Fitness. Classes fill up quickly so it is best to sign up in advance.

Mondays and Tuesdays 8:40pm – 9:35pm Mount Pleasant Studio

Fridays 6:45pm – 7:40pm Gastown Studio

Medical Qi Gong

Medical Qigong is one of the four branches of Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, martial arts, herbology and qigong). Qi translates to life force. Gong means work. Qigong (Life Force Work) is ancient medicine that works well for modern times. It is over 4000 years old. There are 3 energy fields to protect one’s physical, emotional & mental and spiritual energy. If there is stagnant qi in any of those fields, it can cause “dis ease.” In China, if someone was sick, they would be prescribed a set amount of qi gong classes to complete before they could see a physician. 80% of people who completed the prescribed classes did not need to see a doctor. They felt better.

Caroline MacGillivray jumping for joy as part of Eyoalha Baker’s Jump For Joy Project

Qigong is for everyone. It can be done in chairs or on our feet. I teach several private classes for seniors in addition to weekly public classes. For my public classes, I fuse medical qi gong exercises with healing sounds.

Just Yoga

Wednesdays 7:45pm – 8:45pm


Yin Yoga

The term Yin refers to being slow, passive and meditative. In this class you’ll hold seated postures for up to 5 minutes, targeting the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones, and even the joints of the body that normally aren’t exercised very much in a more active styles of practice. The idea is to gain more flexibility and maneuverability that we tend to lose as we age. This style of Yoga is a perfect complement to the more dynamic, muscle-targeting classes such as Hatha and Power, which emphasize more heat and the contracting of our muscles. As this is a slow practice, it really challenges the mind, as when the body becomes still the mind wants to overcompensate. Yin will teach you to connect with your breath and body, in order to quiet your busy mind. ALL levels of experience are welcome!

The Yoga Root

Sundays 9:30am

Ballet Body

This 50 minutes class starts with a dancer’s conditioning barre styed warm up, followed by combinations across the floor, and strength training.

SFU Recreation

Tuesdays 1:30pm

Ballet Body students at SFU Recreation.
Ballet Body students at SFU Recreation.

Abs, Buns and Thighs

A strength and conditioning class.

SFU Recreation

Tuesdays 10:30am

Hatha Yoga

The Yoga Root Sundays 9:30am

SFU Recreation Tuesdays 11:30am

Vinyasa Yoga

SFU Recreation Tuesdays and Fridays 12:30pm

Flexibilty Yoga

SFU Recreation Fridays 11:30am

Tantra Fitness Saturdays 12pm

Kids Yoga

I'm excited to be offering classes for Yoga it Up! Emotional Support for Children classes on Sundays at Vital Health 1855 West 4th Avenue.
I’m excited to be offering classes for Yoga it Up! Emotional Support for Children classes on Sundays at Vital Health 1855 West 4th Avenue.

Order tickets via Eventbrite:

Our 8 week Winter Term of “Yoga for Emotional Support” (ages 3-16 years) program begins Sunday January 10th – February 28th. Years age 3 to 6 – Youth age 7 to 11 – Youth age 12 to 16.
Our Emotional Support program is designed to empower children and youth (ages 3-16) to be happy and healthy in a fun and inclusive environment. We aim to create a safe and confidential group space in which children, youth and families can feel supported and guided in their needs while dealing with challenges faced in their everyday lives, such as:

poor body image;
lack of self worth;
environmental stressors;
other special needs.

Sometimes a group setting is not the best fit for a child, or is perhaps the goal, and as such we also offer one-on-one sessions.

Schedule & Details

Sunday Classes at Vital Health 1855 West 4th
Early Years (3-6 yrs) 2:30-3:15pm $160
All Girls (7-11 yrs) 3:30-4:45pm $200
All Boys (7-11 yrs) 5:00-6:15pm $200
Teens (12-16 yrs) 6:45-8:00pm $200

Active Stretch


SFU Recreation Tuesdays 2:30pm

SFU Harbour Centre, Wellness Room Wednesdays 7:30am






Caroline MacGillivray Sharing information and stories about fashion, beauty, fitness, sexual and relational health, and wellness is something Caroline does through radio, print and television. Caroline, a 5th generation Vancouverite loves to encourage people to grow, play and learn. A speaker, workshop leader, writer, swimmer, dance teacher, yoga teacher, qi gong medical therapist, and community builder, Caroline wears many hats. Best known as the host/producer for Sexy in Vancity Radio and Founder & Executive Director of Beauty Night Society.

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