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Aerial Yoga Foundations with Caroline MacGillivray

One of my favourite classes to teach is aerial yoga. Every Friday night, I get to teach students aerial yoga foundations at Tantra Fitness. From 6:45pm to 7:40pm, we use the hammocks to deepen our practice. Balance, flexibility and strength building are enhanced during an aerial yoga practice.

I hope to see you in class.



Caroline MacGillivray Sharing information and stories about fashion, beauty, fitness, sexual and relational health, and wellness is something Caroline does through radio, print and television. Caroline, a 5th generation Vancouverite loves to encourage people to grow, play and learn. A speaker, workshop leader, writer, swimmer, dance teacher, yoga teacher, qi gong medical therapist, and community builder, Caroline wears many hats. Best known as the host/producer for Sexy in Vancity Radio and Founder & Executive Director of Beauty Night Society.

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